Snow Spotters

The Project

I designed and Prototyped this app as a snowfall app. Users would be able to check snow conditions from all over the country. They could add resorts to a favorites list, use geolocation to check resorts near you, and even give input on the condition of these resorts. Besides telling the total snowfall, the app has a unique user input feature that takes user data and determines the condition of the snow. I designed a easy to understand graph so skiers and snowboarders can tell exactly how good conditions are. Other apps out there won’t be as accurate because this data will come from users actually there. You can post pictures, comment, and a 1-5 star rating. Users can like other users ratings which will determine which comments and ratings are most accurate.

The Process

The first thing created for this project was a site map to determine how users would navigate the app. I then came up with several iterations of wireframes and made final decisions of what functionality is most important. I wanted this app to consitarte on accuracy and being as up to date as possible. That is where most snowfall apps fall short. From wireframes I moved onto branding and design. I then prototypes the app within Invision to give a sense of how easy it is to naviagte and understand. A lot of users would be using this app on the go so easy navigation was very important.


Promotional Video