Friendly Code

The Project

Friendly code is a non profit organization that uses open source and open data to build app, and other multimedia platforms that will help the local Grand Rapids community. I designed their new website with the objective of driving more people to their weekly hack nights. This is where they brainstorm, work on projects, network, and eat pizza. I designed this site pro bono using some of the Code for America branding. I implemented slight changes to the brand to represent it being the grand rapids chapter. The sites were designs for all IOS mobile phones, tablets, and Desktop computers. The goal was simplicity but separated into 3 parts. first driving traffic to where they can sign up for meetings on the Friendly Code MeetUp site, Second giving information about the group and what is done at these meeting, as well as how you can help. And third would be to give information about the kinds of skills that are currently needed for ongoing projects.

The Process

The pr0cess starting with a few planning meetings about what the objective of the site was. After the client made it clear what she was looking for then a site map was build followed by several version of wireframes. The wireframes were reviewed at the Friendly code meeting and once approved I moved onto designs. Several interation of designs were buld and the final ones where mocked up within the devices for proper display. The next step in the process would be to begin Development of the site which me and another Friendly code member and collaborating on.